Laundry supplies

Enhance your linen management

At Professional Touch Laundry Services, we offer a comprehensive range of laundry supplies to streamline your linen management process. From custom labels to garment racks, we’ve got everything you need to keep your linens organized and in top condition.

Laundry bags

Our durable laundry bags come customized with your name printed on each bag, making it easy to identify your linen pick-ups.

Custom labels

Ensure easy identification for staff and customers with our custom labels for table linens. These labels facilitate seamless return processes, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

Bar towels

Keep your bar stocked with our high-quality bar towels, always in stock and ready to ship out to you promptly.

Rolls of poly bags

Purchase rolls of poly bags for rebagging linens on your own, providing a convenient solution for storing and transporting linens.

Cases of hangers

Stock up on additional hangers with our cases of hangers for sale, ensuring you always have enough to meet your needs.

Hanger racks

Receive hanger racks supplied by us for recycling purposes, making it easy to manage and reuse hangers efficiently.

Skirt hangers

For easy reuse of table skirts after events, we offer skirt hangers for sale, providing a simple solution for storage and maintenance.

Garment racks

Explore our selection of new and used garment racks tailored to your linen storage needs, optimizing space and organization.

Laundry carts

Keep your soiled linens organized between laundry pick-ups with our laundry carts, offering convenient storage solutions for your establishment.

Enhance your linen management process with our premium laundry supplies. Contact Professional Touch Laundry Services today to place your order and elevate your linen care routine!