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Cost Comparison of Owning vs. Renting 120'' Round Table Cloth Used Twice


Purchase Table Cloth - $27.95
Launder for Re-Use   - $5.01
Total Cost               = $32.96

Purchase and Use Twice
for $32.96

renting vs owning your table linens which is better?


First Rental            - $15.25
Second Rental       - $15.25
Total                    = $30.50

Rent Twice for $30.50
Plus Tax and Delivery Fee

start saving money after 2nd use

After the 2nd use of the linen, you will start saving $10.24 per use of your own linen vs. renting cost.

The cost to use and clean your own linens is just $5.01 per use
VS. Rental cost of $15.25 = savings of $10.24 per use.

When owning your own linens instead of renting, your company profits will increase after just 2 uses.

Benefits of Owning

• In House Control
• Last Minute Add Ons or Changes
• Quality
• Increase Your Bottom Line Significantly
• Purchase New Linens Two Weeks Before You Need Them to Save on Start Up Costs
• Own Basic Colors
• Depreciate Your Linens on Your Taxes

Additional Rental Charges

• Add on Damage Waivers or Replacement Charges
• Add on Delivery Fees
• Missing Linen Issues
• Sales Tax

Professional Tourch Laundry Service can assist you in through whole process of purchasing your linens to laundering them.

"All Within One Company for Your Convenience!"