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Now you can order all their uniforms online via a custom company web store we will create for your company. This saves you valuable time and storage space, and ensures that your employees are always comfortable and presentable.

Key Benefits

Simple to Use - Streamlines the uniform ordering process for your business. You select the garments and embroidery options. We do the rest.
Easy to Customize - Employees in different departments can order their specific uniform with logo in pre-approved quantities.
Saves You Time and Trouble - Everyone on your team can order their own uniforms in minutes freeing up your valuable time and eliminating the need to manage the uniform ordering and invoicing process.
Meets All Your Uniform Needs - We can provide everything you need. Select from thousands of products to match exactly the requirements you have for every job function.
Includes Personalized Expertise and Knowledge - Our programs are developed in partnership with our customers. That means Mission account representatives and our direct sale coordinators are with you every step of the way to ensure you get the most out of your Employee Apparel Program.

Key Services

We will...
-Help you identify and select the correct uniform -Work with you to set up the right embroidery, shipping and billing options
-Build a custom web store with a unique URL, based on your business needs
-Assist you in setting up your designated users with ordering privileges
-Conduct training to ensure you and your employees know how to use your store
-Consult with you regularly to make sure your store meets all your needs

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