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Can you ensure your Table Linens are Bacteria Free!

Bacteria Free Table Linens

Have you ever asked yourself?
       Is this linen really, truly clean?
       Does it contain organisms, or bacteria that could cause potential harm to my customer?
       This could affect your safety and business reputation.

       Caters and venues are scrutinized for potential unsanitary conditions like improper food preparation or storage.
This is on a regular basis by food safety inspectors.

       What is being done to ensure the linens that your customers wipe their hands and face on are cleaned properly?

       Professional Touch Laundry Service ensures you that our laundry process is effective in removing all of the soil and bacteria from the linens before they are returned, to be used by your customer.Reusable table linens are a critical element of the day-to-day operations and should not be overlooked as a potential source of harmful bacteria.

       Time, temperature, chemicals and mechanical action are all needed to ensure a proper cleaning. This cannot be done inhouse by the customer in most all cases. You will end up not being able to supply two or more of these requirements to kill the bacteria in the linens.

       Contact Tom at Professional Touch Laundry Service to find out how we can help you have safe and sanitary linens for your customers to use.

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